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Development of the
Fedorova Tundra deposit

Enhancing Russia’s leadership presence in the global PGM market
Developing promising areas in the Arctic
Providing essential materials for the Russian industry
Fedorova Tundra is Europe’s largest deposit
of platinum group metals

In 1935, Soviet geologists discovered copper, nickel, and platinum group metals in the central part of the Kola Peninsula.

Today, these materials are widely used in cutting edge industries, including green technologies.

348 tonnes
platinum group metals
190,4 kt
80 km
to the east from the town of Apatity
17,9 tonnes
276,8 kt
59 km
to the south east from the settlement
of Lovozero
Platinum group metals
for green technologies
Natural catalysts that can decompose exhaust gases. These are used in catalysts, including automotive catalytic converters.
Component of no carbon fuel cells.
Industries that rely on platinum group metals
Automotive industry
Hydrogen energy
Health tech innovations
Chemical industry
Involved in the project
Fedorovo Minerals LLC
RT — Business Development LLC
Fedorovo Holding LLC
Project stages
2023 - 2026
  • Additional geological exploration of the deposit
  • Feasibility study of final mining parameters and reserve estimates
  • Power line and motor road design
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA*)
  • EIA**
  • Project review by Russia’s State Expert Review Board
  • Equipment procurement and delivery
  • Power line and motor road construction
  • Mining and processing complex construction
  • Mining and processing complex construction
  • Start of mining and production
* ESIA - evaluation of the project’s environmental and social impacts in line
with guidelines and requirements of the IFC and World Bank Group.
** Environmental impact assessment;
RUB 60 bn
total project investments
RUB 6.135 bn
state support to compensate infrastructure costs incurred by investors
up to 16 mtpa
planned ore output
Corporate social
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA): evaluation of the project’s local and regional impacts and identification of potential social and economic risks in line with the Russian laws.
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA): evaluation of the project’s environmental and social impacts in line with guidelines and requirements of the IFC and World Bank Group. — ESIA*(Environmental and Social Impact Assessment).
  • Reliance on global best practices and the Standard of Responsibility for Russia’s Arctic Zone Residents to develop a tool for effective coordination with local communities.
  • Involvement in community development projects and engagement of local residents.
  • Dedicated training for young people in professions required for the project, followed by employment opportunities.
  • Programmes to support educational facilities.
  • Support for social activities in the Lovozero District.
  • Support for vulnerable population groups in the Lovozero District.
  • Corporate social responsibility projects across all the municipalities involved in the project.
* For the project’s ESIA, JSC Fedorovo Resources engaged internationally renowned Fluor and Golder Associates.
New impetus for
the Murmansk Region to grow and evolve

Creating one of the world’s largest facilities to mine for platinum group metals will help develop a metals and mining cluster in the region, improve the region’s credit rating, and drive the market for services offered by local providers.

With additional support from the state budget, the region will have the resources needed to go ahead with social programmes in healthcare, education, and utilities, resulting in positive demographic changes.

new jobs with competitive pay
RUB 90 bn
tax revenues to the regional budget
throughout project life
Media about us
Fedorovo Resources, the company that runs an ambitious project to develop the Fedorova Tundra PGM deposit in the Murmansk Region, has been granted the resident status in Russia’s Arctic zone. In partnership with the Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, Fedorovo Resources will built a modern mining and processing plant in the Arctic’s Kola Region to produce 90–250 kt of PGM containing concentrate.
Press release
Fedorovo Resources, the operator of Fedorova Tundra, has engaged experts from the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems (subdivision of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)) to assess the condition of flora and fauna at the PGM deposit site.
Press release
Fedorovo Resources, the operator of Fedorova Tundra, has changed its registered office with account for the location of the PGM deposit.
Learn more
about the project
Suite 414, floor 4, 22 Lenina St., Apatity, Murmansk Region
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