Operator of Fedorova Tundra engages scientists from Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems of Kola Science Centre of RAS to assess deposit’s ecosystem

Press release

Fedorovo Resources, the operator of Fedorova Tundra, has engaged experts from the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems (subdivision of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) to assess the condition of flora and fauna at the PGM deposit site. The research is being conducted as part of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the project in compliance with the standards of international financial institutions (IFIs).

A technical report describing the rare and endangered flora and fauna species identified, a map of plant communities, and maps detailing geographical locations of their habitats will form the basis for corrective action plans to preserve biodiversity in the vicinity of the projected mining and processing plant and its transport corridor.

When implementing industrial projects in the Murmansk Region, it is necessary to factor in all specifics of the area as well as the climate of the Far North to preserve its unique ecosystem. For this reason, it is essential that the operator of Fedorova Tundra initiate a strategic assessment of the project engaging scientists before the engineering design stage. New research data and advanced techniques will enable us to factor in possible risks, minimise human impact and develop relevant recommendations to conserve protected flora and fauna species of our region.
Evgeny Borovichev
Head of the Research Group, Deputy Chairman of the Kola Science Centre

Fedorovo Resources began the comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Project to Develop the Fedorova Tundra PGM Deposit in June 2021. The preliminary version of the ESIA is available on the project website, while its print copies can be accessed at Community Liaison Offices opened at the libraries in Lovozero, Revda and Apatity. The comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Project to Develop Fedorova Tundra is scheduled for publication in early 2022.

Fedorovo Resources is committed to ensuring full compliance with the Russian laws at every stage of the project and follows the world’s best practices and standards for sustainable management of natural resources and stakeholder engagement.

The Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a comprehensive scientific institution that carries out fundamental studies of high-latitude environment in the Euro-Arctic region and provides a scientific basis for assessing the resource potential and developing a rational strategy for the North.

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