First online consultation on Fedorova Tundra attracts more than 30 stakeholder representatives

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First online consultation on Fedorova Tundra attracts more than 30 stakeholder representatives

On 19 August, Fedorovo Resources held its first online stakeholder consultation as part of the Fedorova Tundra Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

Over 30 representatives of non-governmental organisations, government agencies, local authorities and local residents expressed their interest in the Fedorova Tundra development project in the Murmansk Region and took part in the event. The attendees listened to a presentation of the Preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report prepared by experts from the Ecoline Environmental Assessment Centre, exchanged opinions on important aspects of the project and received detailed comments on relevant matters.

On behalf of the Government of the Murmansk Region, I would like to praise the efforts of Fedorovo Resources to comprehensively assess the Fedorova Tundra project while taking into account the opinions of all stakeholders. This is very important, both in terms of our entire region’s social and economic development and the well-being of each and every person living on the Kola Peninsula.
Tatiana Russkova
Minister of Arctic and Economic Development of the Murmansk Region

Regular consultations with stakeholders will continue in various formats, both at the stage of selecting the key technological solutions and during the construction and subsequent operation of the mining and processing plant in the future. We plan to hold round tables with local residents and experts soon. The comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment with updated data and account for stakeholder feedback is scheduled for publication in early 2022.

The digital version of the Report on Preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Project to Develop the Fedorova Tundra PGM Deposit is available on the Fedorovo Resources website, while its print copies can be accessed at Community Liaison Offices opened at the libraries in Lovozero, Revda and Apatity. A recording of the online stakeholder consultation and the Preliminary ESIA Presentation can be found on the project website.

Public consultations are held as part of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in compliance with the requirements of international lending agencies, including the performance standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Fedorovo Resources began the comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Project to Develop the Fedorova Tundra PGM Deposit in June 2021.

Fedorovo Resources is committed to ensuring full compliance with the Russian laws at every stage of the project and follows the world’s best practices and standards for sustainable management of natural resources and stakeholder engagement.

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